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  • "We are proud to announce that the Springboks will be optimising recovery using RestWise in the Rugby World Cup, New Zealand 2011. We wish them every success in the tournament."

    Team RestWise

  • "The live system facilitates a seamless line of up to date information between coach and athlete. Over the last year we have witnessed some very promising relationships and trends between RestWise and our other physical performance tests. RestWise is proving to be an invaluable part of our daily monitoring package and will continue to be so as we push towards London 2012."

    Dave Hamilton, Senior S&C Coach, Great Britain Women's Hockey, South Region

  • "Recovery isn't just important, it's a biological necessity."

    Dr Vern Neville, America's Cup sailor and one of the world's top sports performance coaches

  • "RestWise offers a valuable insight into the demands of training. Critically, the accuracy of the data has stood up to other more in depth measures of fatigue and recovery that we undertake."

    Danny Holdcroft, Lead Sport Science - Strength Conditioning, British Bob Skeleton

  • "RestWise has been outstanding, we have had some really good personal growth with players monitoring their individual responses to training. We ascertain which players need extra sessions for recovery and also which recovery modalities work best; individualising recovery as we do physical training."

    Ashley Jones, Physical Performance Co-ordinator, Crusaders Rugby, NZ

  • "Good luck to all of the Restwise athletes currently working towards the Olympic and Paralympic games in London 2012."

    Team RestWise

  • "Having spent several months validating Restwise with Great Britain's elite sailors, I am keen to use it to monitor our athletes training for the America's Cup. I am confident that it will give Artemis Racing a performance advantage. In the America's Cup, any advantage can be a game-changer."

    Dr Peter Cunningham, Exercise Physiologist, America's Cup Challenger Artemis Racing

  • "Your product is long overdue. It will make my job much easier and the best part of your product is due to the daily commitment by repetition, this creates a cognitive awareness of "rest and recovery" that I often have had to beat into the brains of some of the best performance athletes in the world. This is the place that any good athlete should start his or her day."

    Dr William Pettis, Olympic and Tour de France athlete practitioner

  • "Things have been going well with Restwise. The resulting information has been useful with regards confirming my state of fatigue. When rest score is low, e.g. 60%, I am now much more comfortable to have a day's rest."

    Tommy Yule, Central Lead for Strength and Conditioning, EIS & Olympian and Commonwealth medallist

  • "Restwise encourages athlete understanding about their training process and provides a beacon for effective intervention when required. We find the platform simplicity ideal for athlete adherence."

    Dr Scott Drawer, Head of Research and Innovation. UK Sport