About us

Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to perceive a new solution for an old problem.

Some of the smartest researchers in sports science have focused on the question of recovery for much of the last decade. The result is a large, but largely incoherent, body of knowledge that tells us everything about recovery except that which we need most – an easy way to focus this research on the task of building cohesive training programs which reflect the reality of individual lives.

But sometimes it takes fresh eyes to perceive a new solution for an old problem. The guys who built this company have those fresh eyes.

Jeff Hunt

Jeff spent early 1989 in the Olympic Training Center cycling program piling on four workouts a day and digging himself into a hole that took four months to get out of. Since then he has been an ardent believer in rest and more than once has been falsely accused of having talent because he consistently beats hammerheads who refuse to let themselves recover fully from hard training and racing.

When he had the idea for Restwise, his excitement over helping other athletes reach their potential overcame his concerns about giving away trade secrets. For Jeff ReST is the culmination of 25 years as a passionate cyclist, runner, and triathlete and over a decade as a technology entrepreneur, during which he co-founded two other businesses including the online software company OpenAir, now part of NetSuite (NASDAQ:N).

Jeff wears many hats both in and out of ReST, with one of his favorites pictured on the right. He has noticed that most website biographies end with a sentence like, “Jeff earned a BA in Classics from Brown University and an MBA from the Wharton School.”

Matthew Weatherley-White

In a recent Velomuse profile, 5x World Champion Rebecca Rusch was asked about her inspiration…

“My coach Matthew Weatherley-White because he’s a friend, a motivator, a cheerleader, an educator, a training partner and is crucial to my success. He also balances a very full-time job, house, family and training with travel, racing and exploring. He’s an extremely well rounded, elite athlete and has played on the international stage in rowing, ultra-running, cycling, XC skiing, high-altitude climbing, extreme big-mountain skiing and adventure racing. Plus he’s the most thoughtful person I know when it comes to the physiology of endurance training. He doesn’t have a lot of traditional science in his background, but I don’t know anyone who is as practical, as flexible or as results-focused as he is. Despite this long list of achievements and a crazy-busy schedule, his eyes still light up like a kid when he gets on his bike or heads out for an adventure… and his passion is totally contagious.”

Matthew is grateful that she didn’t say “Lance”.

Vern Neville

Dr Vern Neville PhD, MSc, CSCS provided the primary scientific expertise on which the Restwise algorithm was based. Vern has spent several years studying the science of recovery and advising elite professional teams on how to incorporate optimal recovery protocols into their training plans.

As an athlete, coach and sports scientist, Vern Neville has been involved in elite sport for over 15 years, and is currently a professional America’s Cup sailor. He is regarded as a “hard core” athlete with an athletic career plagued by injury due to his obsession for pushing his body beyond the limits of human capability. Vern excelled as a junior athlete in rugby, athletics and motocross, and with a promising rugby career stopped short due to injury he continued his athletic career in sailing, both as a grinder and as a Sports Scientist.

Vern holds a Ph.D in Sports Science from Loughborough University and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength & Conditioning Association and the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. Vern is the Founder / President of Elite Sport Performance Systems Ltd, specialising in the design of high performance training facilities and innovative structuring of optimal athlete support environments, with clients in Formula 1, America’s Cup sailing, Professional rugby, soccer, and Olympic sports. His main interests are in the performance of elite athletes and he is regarded as a world leading expert in athlete performance and fatigue monitoring.

Mike Sokolov

Mike is the programming talent behind Restwise. In prior lives Mike has directed Engineering at The Interactive Factory where he was responsible for setting technical direction for the company, providing technical leadership on projects, and overseeing a variety of programming languages, databases and other tools and systems including Java, Perl, ColdFusion, C++, JavaScript, ASP/VBScript, Apache, IIS and SQL.

Before joining Interactive Factory, Mike was Principal Software Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation’s Cambridge Research Laboratory, where he was responsible for website development and indexing a digital audio/video archive for search and retrieval.

Mike has an AB from Harvard University and an MS from the MIT Media Laboratory where he concentrated on computer vision and image processing.

Phil Cutti

Phil’s experience as the Director of Stanford University’s Human Performance Lab has made him a helpful scientific advisor in the development of Restwise. Phil has been in the endurance, coaching, and training world for over ten years, and his experience and education have focused on bridging the gap between the lab and the application of physiological data to achieve optimal performance.