Fans of RestWise

Ryan Hall

2008 US Olympic Trials Marathon winner
I am on the right track…

Dave Scott

6x Ironman Triathlon World Champion
Proper recovery is absolutely essential…

Rebecca Rusch

5x Mountain Bike World Champion Read Interview…
If there were one piece of information that I wish I had…

Jesse Thomas

Winner, 2011 Wildflower 70.3 Triathlon
…super valuable.

Richard Ussher

4x World Champion adventure racer, olympic skier
This is the tool which will help me get to that level…

Jarrod Shoemaker

U23 Triathlon World Champion, Duathlon World Champion

Karen Smyers

3x Triathlon World Champion, 2x Pan Am gold medalist, Hall of Famer
If you recognize it early, you can usually recover…

Michael Tobin

6x World Champion in four sports
As an athlete, I’ve always kept an eye on recovery…

Ursula Grobler James

World record holder – 2K indoor rowing Read Interview…
You need to know how recovered you are…

Mike Kloser

3x World Champion in three different sports
Understanding recovery is the secret to the unknown…

Sara Studebaker

US Olympic Biathlon Team Read Interview…
…that gets me one step closer to the Olympics…

Chris Lieto

3X Ironman Triathlon Champion

Eric Wilbrecht

Olympic Biathlete
Recovery is the crux of everything in training…

Carl Swenson

3x Olympian – XC racing, World Cub MTB racer
…recovery is incredibly valuable…

Greg Martin

2x World Champion 24-hour mountain bike
It would be fantastic to have some sort of objective…

Carlos Dinares

Spanish National Champion Oarsman
Not only is this a good idea, it is the future of training science…

Dede Griesbauer

2x Ironman Champion

Georgia Gould

2x mountain bike National Champion
Interview with Georgia

Zach Hall

US National Biathlon Team
…I’d be a fool not to use it…

Brian Harder

Professional mountain guide
With this tool, we can finally take the guesswork out of recovery…

Bobby Behan

Former pro triathlete, director: Specialized’s dirt and tri teams
…this is an incredibly valuable tool…

Paul Lundgren

Retired Professional Triathlete, F2R founder and President
…recovery has always been a mystery to me…

Cary Smith

2x North American Randonee Racing Champion
This is the tool I’ve been waiting for…

Heather Irminger

US mountain bike National Champion

Jeremy Kobelsi

US mountain bike National Champion

Amy Dombroski

US National U23 Road Cycling Champion