Restwise Coaches

There are as many training methodologies as there are races to test them. Research continually reveals more refined ways to structure training. And smart, insightful coaches around the world engage relentlessly in the time-honored craft of guiding athletes to peak performance.

While the network of coaches who harness Restwise’s recovery software to help guide their athletes is still small, that network is growing fast. We are proud to affiliate ourselves with these professionals, each of whom understands the important of intelligent recovery.

If you are a coach and want to learn more about how to use Restwise with your athletes, watch a four-minute video of how the coach of 3X Mountain Bike World Champion Rebecca Rusch used Restwise to modify her training plans in early 2010, watch a two-minute video of the Restwise coach platform or email us.

Matt Dixon

purplepatch [pur.puhl.pach] noun: a period of excellent performance…

Carlos Dinares

3-time Spanish national champion and coach of current World Record Holder…

Dave Scott

Whether your quest is in finding the…

Ben Ollett

Ollet Coaching counts among their clients cyclists…

Shaun Callaghan

Pacific Rim Multisport coaches each work with a limited number of athletes…

Brian Grasky

GEC is a network of four coaches and a registered dietitian…

Alison Dunlap

For those of you that want structure and guidance…

Scott Saifer

Cycling, Running, Triathlon
Personal and affordable coaching for cyclists, runners, and triathletes of all levels…

Scott Fliegelman

Triathlon, Running
FastForward Sports offers outstanding programs…

Paul Lungren

Swimming, Triathlon
A unique, combined intelligence developed from 30 years…

Mark Allen

Mark Allen brings to his athletes a powerful blend of experience…

Jeremy Horgan-Korbelski

A unique, combined approach to coaching…

Heather Irmiger


Sage Rountree

Triathlon, Running
Yoga and endurance sports, like literature…

Brian Harder

Mountaineering, Cycling
A long-time fitness iconoclast and exercise guinea pig…

Michael Tobin

Cycling, Adventure Racing, Duathlon, Triathlon

Craig Upton

Using a science and power-based methodology…