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Try Restwise, the online software that analyses your recovery metrics and calculates your recovery score, risk-free for two weeks (see details).

To find out more about buying Restwise recovery software, call 01777 711798 or Ask Jeff.

Restwise Recovery Hardware

Restwise software does not require any specific hardware, but the Restwise pulse oximeter offers a quick, simple and accurate way to measure two Restwise inputs, your resting heart rate and oxygen saturation (SP02) level. You can purchase an oximeter alone or, as part of our limited-time introductory offer, you can get one for free by purchasing a Restwise software subscription below (retail rebate not eligible).

To find out more about buying Restwise recovery hardware, call 01777 711798 or Ask Jeff.

Recovery Software

To try Restwise free for 30 days, subscribe to one of the plans below using your Paypal account, a credit card, or debit card. After the free 30 days, automatic payments will start and continue until you cancel the subscription, which you can do at any time from your PayPal account or by emailing (If you cancel during the first 30 days, you will not be charged.)


12 months for $149

6 months for $99

Month-by-month for $19

Buying FAQs

Do you offer volume or team discounts?

Yes. Call 01777 711798 or contact for more information.

How does your risk-free trial work?

Within three weeks of purchasing Restwise, you can cancel your subscription and receive a full refund simply by emailing with your order number (or forwarding your email receipt). If you purchased a subscription without a POD, that is all you have to do. If you purchased a subscription with a POD, you then have seven calendar days to return it.

Do I need the POD?

Oxygen saturation is not a required field in the Restwise algorithm, so you do not need a POD to use Restwise. However, the POD makes it very easy to measure two inputs into the Restwise algorithm, and keeping it on your bedside table makes it MUCH easier to get into the habit of recording your pulse every morning. We feel strongly enough about its value that we give it away to help ensure that you will benefit from Restwise.

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What is your warranty policy for the POD?

We offer a full warranty against manufacturing defects for the entire time you have an active Restwise subscription. Should the device fail at any time, simply return it to us along with a copy of the receipt or order number, and we will repair or replace it.

How do I cancel a subscription?

If you decide not to renew your subscription, simply email before the renewal date to tell us you would like to cancel, and provide the login email address of your Restwise account.